Bringing the Community Together

How we can help our community

Gabe's Café is a Community Interest Company or CIC. This means, we are a core part of the community, and want to develop it and help out wherever we can. It also means that we put our profits back in to helping the community wherever we can.

We plan on helping the whole community around Axminster of all ages, ethnicities, genders, orientations and race by providing a safe space for everyone to come and enjoy themselves.

We are still quite a new company so we have a long way to go but our youth night has taken off well and we hope to further develop this to give the youth of Axminster somewhere safe to come with their friends, to meet new friends and to socialise.

Over time, we hope to offer more to different sectors of the community and widen our offering to as many people as possible.

Working together for everyone

How can you help us?

While we're still developing our own ideas, we're always open to hear what you think. Giving us some feedback will help us to ensure we're doing the best for our community.

If you would like to consider volunteering with us, just pop in and have a chat and we'll see how we can all fit in together.

Keep an eye on our Social Media channels to find out about our latest community offerings. If you're not on Social Media, just pop in each week and we'll happily spend some time updating you!